25th November 2018 – a day which none of us will ever forget, as on this day, DCS hosted the inaugural Maha Sanghadana Ceremony, with 108 Abbots and Senior monks from Dhammakaya branches worldwide. The Ceremonial event is to celebrate DCS’ Inauguration. This is the first and maybe a once in our lifetime event.

We were most honoured to have the presence of the Most Venerable Phra Mahabodhivomsajarn as our Sangha President for the event. Luang Phor commended that such Maha Sanghadana is very rare in the world, outside of Thailand.Many of our participants, including Kalyanamitta from overseas, gave their thumbs up for the event, and were most rejoiced in being part of the event. The event took 4 months, from planning, preparation to execution, every part of this event is made possible because of Kalyanamitta’s devotion and dedication.

And we made it! Maha Sanghadana Ceremony ended on a most successful note, with praises and compliments from guests, participants and even the visiting monks themselves. They were amazed and filled with admiration that outside of Thailand, we are able to build a Buddhist temple from ground zero. And such a beautiful one!

Rejoice everyone’s merits!
Anumodanaboon! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!