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43th Basic Meditation

Increase Your Level of Happiness! Register Now… for the 43th Chinese Basic Meditation Course (FOC)

Why not give yourself a treat to discover the simple joy, relaxation and benefits that you could get from meditation? Give yourself a chance to realise your inner potentials. Meditation provides you the answer to all life vicissitudes and ends your search of the meaning in life.





In Singapore, a land that is filled with vigour and vitality, there is a group of people who have been carrying out the quintessential pursuits of life.Through meditation, they have found inner peace and happiness for themselves and their families, the society and the country in which they reside. They firmly believe that ‘world peace comes from inner peace’. When they close their eyes, they put to practice the appropriate teachings and generate a source of pure spiritual energy that subtly evolves into a great force that makes the world a better and more peaceful place.

在新加坡这片充满活力的国土上, 一群有福报的人们正“默默”实践着生命中最纯净的追寻。通过禅修静坐,寻找到内在的轻安与幸福。从自己带到家庭、社会乃至国家和人群,他们深信“世界和平来自内在的祥和”。他们闭上了眼睛,透过正法的实践,以心的纯净能量,默默地发挥着让世界祥和美好的伟大力量。