Dhammakaya Centre
Dhammakaya Centre
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Offering to Buddha

Join us in this meritorious ceremony of offering flowers, fruits, food and sweets to countless Buddhas ...

Alms Offering

Support the monastic community and participate in an ancient, meaningful Buddhist tradition of offering requisites to the Sangha

Celebrate Birth Month

A special monthly event for anyone born in the same birth month to come and perform meritorious deeds together

Transference of Merits

Calm our mind, perform meritorious deeds and transfer our merits to our departed loved ones in this monthly ceremony

Basic Meditation Course

Are you new to meditation and wish to learn how to meditate? If your answer is “yes”, this course is for you!

Children’s Dhamma Class

Enrol your child in our once-a-month class to cultivate good habits and learn moral values through fun and meaningful activiites

Stay Home Meditation

Join this live broadcast from 8pm to 9.30pm daily for a good dose of positive vibes through chanting, meditation and dhamma talk

Morning Chanting

Start your day well, from a live broadcast at 10.15am, with the beautiful Buddhist tradition of chanting, requesting for precepts