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First Sunday Offering to Buddha

Offering of flowers and food to the Buddha is a practice as old as Buddhism itself.

In line with this tradition and for more than 60 years, the Dhammakaya temple has continuously held a monthly Buddha Offering ceremony with these unique qualities,

  • Our grandmaster and teachers who have attained an advanced meditative state presides the ceremony,
  • During the ceremony, our grandmaster and teachers purify the exquisite offerings of food, fruits, sweets and flowers through their meditation before offering them to countless Buddhas and Arahants in Nirvana,
  • All Dhammakaya centres around the world across 5 continents participates in the ceremony at the same time, regardless of time zone.

Participants will receive immense merits from the collective, pure act of offering to countless Buddhas and Arahants in Nirvana. The ceremony is about 2 hours, consisting of chanting and an hour of meditation.

We welcome everyone to join us in this extraordinary once-a-month only ceremony via DCS Facebook or Youtube.



10:15am: Morning Chanting, Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem, Observance of the 5 Precepts

10:30am: Offering to Buddha

12.30pm: Offering of Sanghadana

12:45pm: Ceremony ends