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Vesak Celebration

Dhammakaya Buddha Statue

Offering of Dhammakaya Buddha statue is akin to donors paying homage to the Buddha with 32 Great Man Signs.

Offer Lotus to Buddha

Offer flowers to pay homage to the Lord Buddha and express our utmost gratitude

Offering of Requisites

Offering requisites is one of the most cherished practice observed by Buddhists.

Vesak Light of Peace

The Light of Peace Ceremony commemorates Vesak, the most important Buddhist festival in the Buddhist calendar

Every Sunday Activity

Offer Buddha

Donation towards an extraordinary once-a-month ceremony of Offering to All Buddhas in Nibbana. A special merit not to be missed

Alms Offering

Support the monastic community and donate towards this meaningful Buddhist tradition of offering requisites to the Sangha

Celebrate Birth Month

A special monthly event for anyone born in the same birth month to come and perform meritorious deeds together

Transference of Merit

Donation towards a monthly Transference of Merits ceremony in remembrance of your ancestors and departed loved ones

Monthly Donations

Wealth & Prosperity Now & Ever

Support Dhammakaya Centre Singapore's monthly maintenance and operational expenses. A physical venue facilitates all good deeds to happen

Support Dhamma Online

Support Dhammakaya Centre Singapore in its propagation of Dhamma through new technology and digital means so as to reach a wider audience

Light Offering to Buddha

Donation towards Light Offering paying homage to the Buddha and Buddha Relics. The offered lamps are lit daily for a month

Offer Sangha Medical Fund

Donation towards a medical fund for the Sangha in Dhammakaya Centre Singapore so they can receive good medical care when needed