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Rains Retreat

Offering of Buddha Ratana Cetiya

Rains Retreat lasting 3 months is designated for the Sangha to remain at one place and intensify their Dhamma and meditation practice

Every Sunday Activity

Offer Buddha

Donation towards an extraordinary once-a-month ceremony of Offering to All Buddhas in Nibbana. A special merit not to be missed

Alms Offering

Support the monastic community and donate towards this meaningful Buddhist tradition of offering requisites to the Sangha

Celebrate Birth Month

A special monthly event for anyone born in the same birth month to come and perform meritorious deeds together

Transference of Merit Ceremony

Zhong Yuan Jie is a time of the year when we pay respect and show gratitude to our ancestors and departed loved ones.

Monthly Donations

Wealth & Prosperity Now & Ever

Support Dhammakaya Centre Singapore's monthly maintenance and operational expenses. A physical venue facilitates all good deeds to happen

Support Dhamma Online

Support Dhammakaya Centre Singapore in its propagation of Dhamma through new technology and digital means so as to reach a wider audience

Light Offering to Buddha

Donation towards Light Offering paying homage to the Buddha and Buddha Relics. The offered lamps are lit daily for a month

Offer Sangha Medical Fund

Donation towards a medical fund for the Sangha in Dhammakaya Centre Singapore so they can receive good medical care when needed