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Offering to Buddha

Your donation will go towards a once-a-month meritorious ceremony at DCS, Offering to All Buddhas in Nibbana. This special merit is unique to the Dhammakaya tradition. DCS prepares the finest food, fruits and sweets for our grandmaster and teachers to offer them to the countless Buddhas in Nibbana.

With this immeasurable merit of offering to all Buddhas, donors will be blessed with,
1. Good health, longevity, good complexion, happiness, bright mind, quick intellect
2. Enjoy the finest food in the human and heavenly realms
3. Be reborn in a wealthy family, well-respected by heavenly and human beings
4. Possess strong physical health, worldly wealth and wisdom. Well-endowed with followers and heavenly wealth.
5. Achieves the 30 Perfections or Paramitta
6. Attains the inner Dhamma easily and quickly in every lifetime, until the Ultimate Nibbana.

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