Meditation Improves Your Health and Happiness

DCS Update on 25 March 2020

In conformity with the Tighter Measures announced by the Ministry of Health on 24/3/2020, DCS will suspend various services and congregations with effect from 27/3/2020 (Friday).

Dhammakaya Centre Singapore sincerely extend our appreciation for your cooperation to observe all the precautionary measures for the past two months. Let us continue to stay healthy and be united as one to fight through this pandemic as a nation. Thank you.
按照卫生部于 24/3/2020 宣布的加强抗疫措施,本寺将于 27/3/2020 星期五开始暂停各项公开活动。


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Meditation is something which we already do in everyday life allowing us to focus on the task at hand – but the depth of meditation is superficial. The events around us in the world soon rob us of our attention and our concentration is gone.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits not only your mind, but also your body and soul.It has numerous advantages that would take a whole book to write about.Here we will mention the most important benefits and the most overlooked benefits that meditation provides.The Most Important Benefits of Meditation It is very useful to read about meditation benefits if you are still unsure whether you want to start meditating. These benefits will help you decide if meditation can contribute to your well-being and improve other aspects of your life. The benefits of meditation manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Some of them appear quite fast, and others take some more time. This depends on the amount of time devoted to practicing it, the levels of earnestness and concentration, and on the inner ripeness of the meditating person. It is not enough to meditate once a week or once in a few days. Regular daily practice is required for attaining results. There is evidence of the many rewards of regular meditation from people who meditate, and also from researches of scientists.
– DCS Dhammakaya Centre Singapore
When I calm my mind, I could see the origins of problems easily.
–Andrew Lim
Meditation trains our mind to open up to others, it comes to the point that we only want to share and love unconditionally.
–Lau Kim Kiow