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Morning Chanting

Morning Chanting, Request for Five Precepts, Meditation, Offering Sanghadana, Merit Review

To maintain overall good health and keep illnesses at bay, we clean our human body daily to rid it of sweat and dirt. We need to do the same for our mental health and clean our human mind daily. The difference is, the human mind cannot be cleansed using water or any other cleansing agents. The only way to purify our mind is to get it closer to our own Buddha nature. This is because the human mind,
1. cannot be seen by the naked eye;
2. is often referred to as the monkey mind, constantly wandering, never still;
3. deep-seated in what it considers to be pleasurable but on contrary, is entrenched in endless suffering.

The origin of chanting in Buddhism is as old as Buddhism itself. One way to ignite our Buddha nature is through chanting of the Buddhist scriptures. When we listen to Buddhist chanting, we are listening to the sacred truth and teachings of the Buddha. We gain a better understanding of Buddhist teachings and this helps nourish our mind, train our character to have universal love and be compassionate to all beings.

Start your day well with this beautiful Buddhist tradition!

Every day at 10.15am from Monday to Saturday, join our Facebook or Youtube programme starting with Morning Chanting, followed by a venerable leading us to request the 5 precepts, meditate for 30 minutes; ending with offering of sanghadana and merit review. Through this hour long programme, we can cultivate precepts, concentration and wisdom through the acts of listing to morning chanting, requesting of 5 precepts, meditation and giving.

We welcome everyone to join this meaningful daily online programme. Let’s purify our mind daily and own our mind for happy, fulfilling lives.