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Fourth Sunday Transference of Merits

Human life is precious as we can perform good deeds such as giving, precepts, meditation in accumulation of merits.  These merits will determine our afterlife. The other wonderous thing that we can do as humans is the ability to transfer our accumulated merits to departed ancestors and loved ones. The abbot of Dhammakya Temple in Thailand once said,

“When we dedicate merits to the deceased, those who are suffering will suffer less, those who are suffering a little will no longer suffer, those who have a little joy will receive more joy, those with lots of joy will get even more joyous. Our departed loved ones will rejoice in our merits with gratitude when they suffer less and are in a pleasurable state of existence”

DCS holds a transference of merit ceremony on every 4th Sunday of the month. In this monthly ceremony, the Sangha will be chanting the Abdhidhamma Scripture, which is the scripture the Lord Buddha delivered to His deceased mother and other heavenly beings in the second level of heaven, Tavatimsa. During the Sangha’s chanting, we are to calm our minds, recollect our merits and transfer them to our ancestors and departed loved ones.

We sincerely welcome you to sign up in attendance of the ceremony. Please register here.


10:15am: Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem, Observance of the 5 Precepts, Alms Offering

10:30am: Group Meditation

12.30pm: Offering of Sanghadana

2:00pm: Transference of Merits Ceremony

3.00pm: Ceremony ends