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Ten Parami Wishing Well

15/05/2022 @ 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Ten Parami Wishing Well

In Buddhism, Parami means perfection or completeness of a virtue.
There are ten Parami in Buddhism,

1.Dana parami: generosity, giving of oneself
2.Sila parami: virtue, morality
3.Nekkhamma parami: renunciation
4.Panha parami: wisdom, insight
5.Viriya parami: effort, diligence
6.Khanti parami: patience, tolerance
7.Sacca parami: truthfulness, honesty
8.Adhitthana parami: determination, resolution
9.Metta parami: loving, kindnes
10.Upekkha parami: equanimity, serenity

Buddhists cultivate Parami to reach the goal of enlightenment as every Buddha who achieved enlightenment attained these ten perfections and they guided others on this same righteous path. This is no easy path for anyone. We should make resolutions as we go about achieving these ten parami so we remain steadfast in our pursuit towards Nibbana.
Making a resolution or wish is part of our efforts to accomplish our Resolve Paramitta. As we diligently practice meditation, adopt truthful speech, it helps strengthen our resolution, and we will soon achieve accomplishment of these ten Parami. May all our good wishes be fulfilled!


9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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DCS Level2